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Revista Cartográfica

Issue Nº 97 - 2018


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Focus and scope

The Cartographic Journal (known as Revista Cartográfica (RCA)) of the Pan American Institute of Geography and History (PAIGH) is a biannual publication of Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e História (IPGH) is a yearly journal of unpublished works of the State of the Art, Literature Review and results of studies and research on activities related to the general field of Cartography, Geodesy and / or Geospatial information.

Arbitration system

The journal has a group of well known experts in their field. The documents will first be submitted for approval of evaluators, which are themselves recognized experts in the topics discussed. Afterwards, submissions are sent to two or more specialists as needed required for the theme, without identification of authorship, in order to ensure an impartial view. If approved, after the evaluation the items are sent to the Editorial Committee, which will select the articles to be included in the forthcoming issue.


The Revista Cartográfica since 2016 publishes two annual issues: January-June / July-December.

Editorial Committee

The Revista Cartográfica has a team of highly qualified experts from institutions from different countries.


  • E-mail  editor_revista_cartografica@ipgh.org

  • E-mail  maria.ester.gonzalez@ipgh.org

  • Composition of the Editorial Committee


    The Pan American Institute of Geography and History´s Cartographic Journal call for papers for a new special number entitled "Inclusive Cartography" is now open. Contact the editor.

    They are receiving articles for the RCA Nº100. Contact the editor.

    Authors instructions (Coming soon)

    Template (Only in Spanish at the moment)

    The Pan American Institute of Geography and History´s Cartographic Journal call for papers for a new special number entitled "Advances, trends and perspectives of Geographic Information" is now open.

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