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    1) In order to properly find a reviewer for your thesis which is also familiar with your language please select all items that apply, BUT always select the language used by the thesis (not the languages you are familiar with).

    Ex.: If you are a spanish native speaker but your thesis is written in French, and it deals with aspects of Cartographic Theory, you should mark

    //Asterisk * means a tickmark//

    AGENDA DE INVESTIGACIÓN DE LA ICA/ICA RESEARCH AGENDA/AGENDA DE PESQUISA ICA/PROGRAMME DE RECHERCHE ICA Teoría cartográfica/Cartographic theory/Teoria cartográfica/Théorie cartographique

    A7) Español A7) Português

    A7) English *A7) Français

    The option A7) Español should be ignored. Other items (like B2 Conceptual foundations) can be selected as well.

    There is no limit to how many items do you feel match your thesis. However, just one language in each must be selected.


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