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Thematic Areas of the prize

The categories where are open in order to be a candidate for the 2015 Prize for the Outstanding Master’s Thesis in Cartography, Geodesy and/or Geographic Information must clearly fit in at least one of the following:

A – Categories included in the International Cartographic Association Research Agenda.

A.1- Geographic information.

A.2- Metadata and SDIs.

A.3- Geospatial analysis and modelling.

A.4- Usability.

A.5- Geovisualization and visual analytics.

A.6- Map production.

A.7- Cartographic theory.

A.8- History of cartography and GI science.

A.9- Education.

A.10- Society.

Source: http://icaci.org/files/documents/reference_docs/2009_ICA_ResearchAgenda.pdf

B- Categories included in the AAG Geographic Information Science and Technology - Body of Knowledge.

B.1- Analytical methods.

B.2- Conceptual foundations.

B.3- Cartography and visualization.

B.4- Design aspects.

B.5- Data modeling.

B.6- Data manipulation.

B.7- Geocomputation.

B.8- Geospatial data.

B.9- GIS&T and society.

B.10- Organizational and institutional aspects.

Source: http://www.aag.org/galleries/publications-files/GIST_Body_of_Knowledge.pdf

C- Categories included in the SIRGAS Research Agenda.

C.1- High-precision reference frame maintenance.

C.2- Real-time reference frame availability.

C.3- Establishment of the vertical reference frame associated with Earth's gravity field.

C.4- Geodetic study of geophysical phenomena.

Source: SIRGAS Research Agenda.

D- Others.

D.1- Other categories which the author believes that are not properly considered before, but in his opinion should fit under the umbrella of Geographic Information.

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